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Used to prevent the spread of tooth decay or correct any cosmetic damage, a filling is just one of the ways we preserve your health. Before placement, any rot must be drilled out. We offer local anesthesia along with nitrous oxide sedation to ensure maximum comfort for our patients. There are two different types of fillings: amalgam (otherwise known as silver fillings) and composite resin, the color of which can be customized to match your natural teeth. We are a SILVER-FREE practice. In fact, for our chemical-conscious patients, we now offer the world's first BPA-FREE filling material. 

Composite Resin

Since the color of a composite resin filling can be customized, it is the most aesthetically pleasing option. However, it is more expensive and not as strong as an amalgam filling. Composite resin is ideal for repairing chipped or cracked teeth, filling in a tooth gap, correcting dental discoloration, protecting any exposed tooth root from gum recession, or changing the shape of teeth. Patients may also choose composite resin for cavity fillings as they are bonded to the teeth in layers and therefore require less drilling away of the natural tooth.

BPA-Free Fillings

Many people are expressing growing concern over BPA or Bisphenol A, contained in plastics and in dental materials.

Baby bottles and other plastic bottles are notorious for containing the synthetic harmful substance that has been known to cause problems in the body (i.e., certain reproductive cancers).  More specifically, BPA looks a lot like the hormone estrogen and can confuse the organs that produce or respond to the hormone.

Our team is very aware of this issue. As such, we have incorporated composite filling material and dental sealants that do not include bisphenol-A, nor contain compounds that make bisphenol.