Yoga + HIPAA/OSHA Training = A Great Friday!


On Friday, October 6th, the brush. team met in the morning for a Yoga session at the office instructed by the fabulous Eileen Yuille. The program was organized as an effort to promote health and wellness in the office. The furniture in our lobby was moved out of the way, mats were laid, music was put on the speakers and Eileen got straight to work. The whole session was about an hour long and was challenging for all of us. Whoever thinks yoga is 100% peaceful meditation probably hasn't tried it! We were all sore for a few days after but the good kind of achy where you know you really put in work! 


While we were *supposed* to jump right into a team development workshop right after, I decided to treat the team to an impromptu staff appreciation morning. We started with a trip to Starbucks (because all good things begin with coffee) and then we made our way to the Northeast mall. I presented each of my team members an envelope with a bonus in there and told them they had 1 hour to spend it and the only condition was that it had to be something for themselves. I was blessed with a staff that is extremely selfless. They all have kids and/or families that they help support so I wanted to give them an opportunity to be purely selfish. I hope it made them feel special because I feel so very lucky to work alongside such amazing people!

We returned to the practice by 1pm because it was time for some in-office OSHA/HIPAA training with the ever-amazing Cary Smith, founder and owner of DentistSecure! Cary has a unique way of making even the most mundane topics exciting and interesting. We learned a lot of about patient and staff safety. We plan to have Cary in every year or so to help refresh the team and we're doing this in an effort to ensure our staff is able to provide the highest standard of care possible. 


One of my greatest joys about being a leader is having the opportunity to provide varied, educational and exciting experiences for my team. This day was one that had a little bit of all of those things. 

Sidenote: We're always looking for great talent and we are also accepting new patients. If you'd like to join the team or be a patient, connect with us! @brushdental_dfw 817-770-0272 (call/text)

Sara Mahmood, DDS MSHM

Founder, Owner & DDS @ brush.