Same Day Crowns

To further our commitment to having the most advanced dental technology on the market, we now offer same day crowns through our brand new Cerec Omnicam machine and mill. 

Cerec uses computer technology to take a 3D picture of the tooth that requires a crown, as well as all of the teeth surrounding that tooth. Using Cerec’s 3D design software, we can design your tooth to fit perfectly in every direction while you’re in the dental chair – no need to construct a temporary crown, take impressions and more importantly . . . no need to wait for an extended time for an off-site dental lab to make and deliver your crown. Because Cerec creates the crown from a single block of material (ceramic or resin), it’s considerably stronger than many other types of crowns.

It’s faster, more affordable, stronger and much more convenient for our patients.

And best of all? We're offering this service at no added cost to you. 

Call to learn more at 817-770-0272.